Introducing “The Daily Calm”

As I mentioned in my very first post, the reason that started this site, The Calm Life was so I could get the latest meditation and mindfulness information out to you whether it be gleaned from my own experiences over the years or, from what I find online.

Now, my appetite for collecting and digesting the most up-to-date and relevant meditation and mindfulness information is ravenous (I think I’m addicted to this activity) but what this means for you is that I’ll be able to share with you all the best information that I find and the best thing is, I’ll be doing this every single day.

I’ll be calling these posts The Daily Calm.

The Daily Calm will not take the place of the posts that I already put up on The Calm Life, but will be additional information that I feel would be of interest to you (as they are already of interest to me).

If you have information that you would like me to explore or, have written an article that you’d like me to put up on this blog then let me know.

As you’ve already gathered, I’m always on the lookout for the best songwriting information on the web so why can’t that information come from YOU!

Until next time, be still and enjoy the silence,

Corey Stewart
The Calm Life

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