The Daily Calm – April 10th, 2020

You probably have already heard the practice being praised, but what you may not have heard is how meditation can be helpful for older people.

Benefits of Meditation As You Get Older

Writing a forgiveness letter can be an incredibly cathartic part of your healing journey. It’s an opportunity for you to exorcise all manner of hurts, giving you a safe space to express all your feelings without worry about judgement or recrimination.

How To Write A Forgiveness Letter To Help Heal The Hurt

Recharge and renew each time you eat. The Whole Person Integrative Eating Guided Meal Meditation empowers you to turn each meal into an opportunity to de-stress and nourish body, mind, and soul.

A Guided Meal Meditation to MAKE EACH MEAL A RETREAT

Humans have a complex relationship with music. It’s very clear to most of us from personal experience that music can make us feel happy, positive, energized and motivated, but it can also move us to tears, induce anger or enhance sadness.

Music as Medicine: What’s Your Recommended Daily Dose?

We discuss the roots of meditation practices, their spread and corporatization, and whether suffering is in our minds or in the outside world and in how our society is structured.

The Link Between Meditation and Social Justice

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