The Daily Calm – April 20, 2020

Having to work from home for some of us is quite challenging, at least for me. I used to have things done in a hustle and bustle at professional settings by interacting and meeting with other people. But home?

Practicing Mindfulness during ‘Work From Home’

Whether you’re dealing with turbulence mid-air or on the ground, both virtual and literal bumps can be difficult to handle. Be it a stressful travel situation, anxiety at home or anything else that’s overwhelming you, here are nine calming apps to use on a plane, at home or anywhere else you need to find some zen.

The best apps for keeping calm during turbulent moments

The world is facing a dissemblance of normal life, and whether you have been directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19, chances are high your stress levels are increased. You may feel like you lack control of this situation, and to some extent, that’s true; however, there are strategies you can try to relieve the stress you are experiencing day to day.

Mindful meditation, yoga, and 23 other ways to relieve stress

When most people think of meditation, they think of sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed. And while seated meditation is the more common form of meditation, it isn’t the only option. Let’s talk about the somewhat more active mindful practice of walking meditation.

Travis Lemon – Walking meditation can help calm an anxious mind

In the meantime, we’re all wrestling with a lot of emotion. Fortunately, there is already a way to vaccinate ourselves against panic, anxiety, and selfishness. It’s called loving-kindness.

How to Practice Loving-Kindness

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