The Daily Calm – April 21st, 2020

Whether you’ve been meditating for years or looking to start a new habit, now seems like the ideal opportunity to devote some time the increasingly popular wellness trend.

7 Guided Meditations On Instagram That Will Help You Deal With Stay-At-Home Stress

When there’s no place to go we have no real choice but to go inwards – where there are no masks, no social distance markers: a silence that feels more welcome than the desolate streets of New York City.

Staying Mindful in Quarantine

So what can you do to cope with the uncomfortable feelings that are likely swirling around in your mind and heart right now? Meditation is one option that takes little effort but can pay big dividends in reducing your body’s stress response.

Meditation Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sharon Salzberg shares this practice for strengthening your ability to concentrate so you can empower yourself to stop wasting energy and attention.

A Guided Meditation for Gathering Your Energy

As the national quarantine continues due to the current global pandemic, many of us find ourselves asking, what do I do now? How can it be that several more weeks of lockdown stretch before us after the seemingly endless days we’ve put behind us

SELF CARE – The only way out is through – Using meditation and breathing techniques to navigate our internal uncertainty

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