The Daily Calm – April 22nd, 2020

Finding moments throughout the day to disconnect from your work and worries and simply let your mind and body relax, allowing thoughts to float in and out of your awareness, observing but not judging, can be a transformative experience.

Add Mindfulness to Your Day

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have to get up early the next day and not being able to fall asleep. Fortunately, there’s one trick I’ve used since I was little that always puts me out like a light: a body scan meditation.

This Meditation Takes Just a Few Minutes and Helps Me Drift Off to Sleep Every Time

If it was nearly impossible to distinguish work time from personal time before the pandemic, now it truly seems like an unattainable dream.

Do You Know How To Set Boundaries? A Mindfulness Approach

Students have reported feeling immediate improvements in their stress levels and some have indicated that they’ve used these techniques to reduce test-taking anxieties and social-anxieties outside of my classroom.

Mindfulness in the (Online) Classroom

Dr Elise Bialylew shares 5 simple gratitude exercises that help you find calm and positivity during times of great stress.

5 gratitude exercises to stop you spiralling into despair

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