The Daily Calm – April 23rd, 2020

The chart-topping singer tells her story in the new documentary The Mindfulness Movement

How mindfulness helped Jewel move from shoplifting and panic attacks to music stardom

This classic loving-kindness meditation can help you to awaken to how connected we all are.

A Simple Meditation to Connect With Loving-Kindness

It can reduce your stress considerably, especially if it’s attached to a sense of anxiety when confronted with new or stressful situations.

How Combining Cannabis With Meditation Can Benefit Your Mental Health

We could all benefit from a dose of relaxation and calmness to help us cope. The good news is that we can find some relief by practicing mindfulness.

Tap Into Mindfulness To Stay Calm In Turbulent Times

The current lockdown is the perfect opportunity to tune in with yourself and ease any anxiety you might have due to the current global pandemic.

Why you should give mediation a go during lockdown

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