The Daily Calm – April 24th, 2020

There’s a brand new type of mindfulness on the horizon and it’s known as Meditative Story.

Meditative Story – A New Type of Mindfulness Meditation

Three meditation coaches share their thoughts on how meditation helps improve mental health. They also share some tips on how to start now, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown

Why Meditation is a Great Way to Cope During Uncertain Times

It’s remarkable to consider that until recently, meditation was considered leftfield. In recent years, mindfulness (based around Buddhist meditation that focuses attention on the present moment) has exploded

Three simple mindfulness exercises to practise anywhere

Mindfulness is not a barrier to feeling overwhelmed. When some piece of news or alarming reality knocks you down, you may well feel completely overwhelmed. It’s natural. It’s your body’s response to alarm.

How To Make Friends With What You’re Feeling

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, making it a useful tool for those who find traveling taxing. Here are a few ways it can make your trips more enjoyable.

How Meditation Can Improve Your Travels

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