The Daily Calm – April 28th, 2020

My legs are sandbags when I take the final breath. I slide my hand under my knees, lift, and allow my legs to plop down a few times before the subtle vibration of feeling returns.

When Meditation Doesn’t Work

One simple activity I can think of which can have tremendous immediate and long-term benefits is meditation. It is a very simple process, but many find it difficult to do on a regular, sustained basis.

Try meditation during quarantine

There is an anecdote about Buddha, and how breath is used to get to this place of stillness: “How do you attain enlightenment?” One disciple asked. “Simply be aware of your breathing,” he replied.

The Magic That Happens In Stillness (The Four C’s”)

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question: ‘When was the last time I felt inspired’? Really inspired, not just interested.

Do You Know How To Find Inspiration? A 4-Step Mindfulness Reflection

Most of us live our lives in a rush. Pausing is considered a waste of time. There is no pause, yet the quality of output is not up to the effort. There is always something left to do. The cycle never ends.

Meditate – How to practice spiritual wellness in times of COVID-19

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