The Daily Calm – April 29th, 2020

Meditation is a practice that helps us accept the present moment—no matter what’s happening in it. It allows us to be more open and compassionate with ourselves and others and can change the way we communicate for the better.

3 Meditations To Enhance Your Communication Skills

We all feel a little anxious at times. It’s a normal reaction to the more stressful events of our lives, such as a job interview, a driving test or say, a global pandemic.

How To Use Mindfulness To Unwind Anxiety

Mindfulness is not the time-consuming, otherworldly phenomenon you think it is. It’s something you can do throughout even the busiest work day to stay centered, prepare to tackle big assignments, and just escape for a few sweet minutes.

3 Realistic Ways to Sneak Mindfulness Into a Busy Workday

In an effort to take some control over my mental health, I decided to start meditating. I did some research and found that just 15 minutes a day could make a difference.

I’ve been meditating for 15 minutes every day for a month and it has reduced my anxiety and increased my ability to focus

As we collectively experience the prolonged pandemic emergency due to the spread of the coronavirus, it’s important to find different ways of managing the excessive worry and fear that is hitting all of us very hard.

Quieting Pandemic Panic – A Mindfulness Exercise

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