The Daily Calm – April 6th, 2020

The world has changed since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. It has turned our lives upside down, however, we can create opportunities out of crises. We’ll get through this by being interconnected and as a result, become stronger. How can we get through this change occurring on all levels of our lives? Mindfulness.

Mindfulness of Yourself and Others

Focus on your breath. Listen to your body. Notice your emotions, but don’t judge them. These are a few of the cues routinely used to induce mindfulness, a meditative state of self-awareness and detached acceptance that promises practitioners a sense of peace and presence of mind.

Why Is Mindfulness Beneficial For Your Health?

Compassion is often misunderstood and confused with other emotions. True compassion is the ability to be sympathetic, empathetic, as well as having the desire to alleviate another’s pain and suffering.

All Compassion Starts With This

Mindfulness may explain why many older people feel their life has gotten better with age, a new study suggests.

Mindfulness, A Powerful Tool For Aging

You know how you can read or hear something dozens of times in dozens of different ways before it finally sinks in? The little truths listed below fall firmly into that category — timeless life lessons that many of us likely learned years ago, and have been reminded of ever since, yet for whatever reason we tend to forget in the heat of the moment.

5 Painfully Obvious Truths We Tend to Forget in Hard Times

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