The Daily Calm – April 7th, 2020

Within 60 seconds of sitting down to meditate – even when it’s only a five-minute session – I find myself fidgeting, peeking at the clock, stretching, and inevitably, simply surrendering to the spiral of my racing thoughts and walking away.

I Couldn’t Sit Still While Meditating, So I Tried Walking Meditation Instead

Every day there’s more news about the Coronavirus. You don’t know whether to go buy more supplies or just hunker down and stay home. The uncertainty can be unsettling. So you need to take care of yourself.

Self-Care Matters More In Stressful Times

No doubt, technology is a critical lifeline connecting us to our loved ones, jobs, and the world. Striking the balance between informed and overwhelmed is not easy, but I believe some small habits that repurpose my relationship with technology are key allies to my resilience in the weeks ahead.

Mindfulness or Mind Full Ness?

There’s no doubt we lead stressful lives in the modern world — and adding a global pandemic into the equation sure doesn’t help. When we feel like we’ve lost control, what can we do? Enter meditation.

Want to try meditation? Here’s an intro guide to get started

Although many people still do not admit it, the mere fact of studying, acquiring knowledge, can be a really tough task. Stress makes concentration, cognitive recall, and productivity difficult for most of us. Meditation is a proven method to reduce this stress — and increase your capacity to concentrate.

Meditation as key to increasing concentration, cognitive ability, productivity — tips for reducing stress and easing sleep

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