The Daily Calm – April 9th, 2020

A Tibetan lama believes he cured his gangrene-stricken leg by meditating for a year… Now scientists are studying his brain, hoping to discover a medical miracle.

Can Meditation Cure Disease?

You’ve probably moped around feeling sorry for yourself before. There are ways to stop this and cultivate a more positive attitude.

Why You Are Feeling Sorry for Yourself and How to Stop

During these uncertain times, more and more of us around the world face curfews and social distancing. However, we know that too much inward focus can lead to us feeling isolated.

How to Cultivate Empathy and Compassion in the Coronavirus Crisis

A secular type of mindfulness program designed to decrease stress has been linked to significant improvements in irritable bowel syndrome patients, according to a newly published study.

Mindfulness program found to significantly reduce IBS symptoms

Not all meditations are created equal because they are not supposed to be equal. Different meditation techniques are designed to achieve different goals, and to work for different kinds of people in different situations.

The Balancing Path: Not All Meditations Are Created Equal

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