The Daily Calm – June 1st, 2020

But nothing will change your world more than the state of your heart. Every action you could take pales in comparison to the spirit in which you take it.

How to Heal Your World Through Meditation

When we go out of our minds we quickly come to our senses. Given the circumstances we are all having to deal with at the moment, many people are ‘going out of their minds’, whether through boredom, grief or fear.

Lose Your Mind and Find Your Self

Peace of mind is a state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fears or stress. In this state, the mind is quiet, and you experience a sense of happiness and freedom.

Peace of Mind Tips and Advice

Fear causes pain. Emotional, mental, spiritual and of course physical pain. That is because fear is a hugely powerful emotion that we all feel at different times in various degrees.

The healing power of mindfulness

For most of us, meditation is only about sitting with eyes closed and or chanting mantras inside our heads. But meditation is more than that.

Guiding Light – Meditation makes you happier

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