The Daily Calm – May 11th, 2020

Can opening your eyes to the dark let some light in?

Welcome To ‘Stargazing For Mindfulness.’ How Looking Up In Lockdown Can Help You Find Your Place

It’s not just yogis and gurus who benefit from quiet time dedicated to focusing on the present moment; elite athletes and corporate strivers alike practice meditation for its performance benefits.

Meditation Can Make You Better at Everything – Here’s How

The legendary actor lends his voice to Your Mindful Garden, a new digital programme on the CBeebies Go Explore app that helps prepare kids for starting primary school.

Stephen Fry lends voice to children’s mindfulness app from BBC

Developing a mindfulness practice during home confinement could be a powerful and healthy coping mechanism. Mindfulness has become fairly well-accepted as a clinical practice with significant research to support its use.

For Your Health – Use mindfulness to reduce stress

Mindfulness comes with great mental and physical health benefits. Several studies have shown that mindfulness reduces rumination and stress, while improving focus and working memory.

Become A More Mindful Person In 5 Easy Steps

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