The Daily Calm – May 13th, 2020

To effectively calm your anxiety, it’s important to commit to making lifestyle changes, and develop a system to hold yourself accountable

How to calm anxiety in 6 natural ways, on your own

A subject of scientific studies in recent years, meditation is proving to be an effective antidote for stress and suffering in these times of abrupt change and uncertainty.

Meditation Has A Direct Effect On Our Stress

Google search trends for the past 30 days suggest that breathing exercises, meditation and relaxing music for calming down the nerves were in great demand.

Relaxation, meditation dominate Google’s 30-day search trends

The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic — the inability to predict exactly how long it will last, the fear of COVID-19 infecting you or someone you love — as well as its disastrous economic effects have resulted in huge amounts of stress for individuals around the world.

How Mindfulness Can Calm Your Corona Related Stress

In order to incorporate Meditation in our day to day life, it is quite important that we know the true meaning of it, as without knowing the concept of Meditation, it is not possible for an individual to understand the power of it.

How to Use Meditation to increase your productivity at Work

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