The Daily Calm – May 16th, 2020

The practice of mindfulness helps children develop two very important skills for success in school and in life: increased focus and decreased impulsivity. The same holds true for adults.

Practicing Mindfulness With Children

Whether you’re a new parent whose entire world has just flipped upside down, or a seasoned pro who’s wrangling a family of 4 while maintaining a full-time job, parenting can be — in a word — stressful.

7 Meditation Apps for Parents Who Just Need a Minute

Meditation has many different forms and can be beneficial for a number of reasons for people of all ages. It’s defined as using a technique such as mindfulness or personal insight to focus on a particular object, goal, or part of the body.

How To Use Meditation To Improve Your Wellbeing

If you take a closer look at the benefits of meditation, you will become aware of how it actually improves your lifestyle. So here are some key lifestyle aspects that can be improved with meditation.

Improve Your Lifestyle With Daily Meditation

Surrender is an odd word to hear from someone who had to “fight cancer.” But when I say surrender, I mean to accept what is. To be fully aware of what is. To stop wasting your precious resources on things you cannot change.

How to Successfully Cope with a Crisis using Surrender

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