The Daily Calm – May 18th, 2020

Meditation expert David Brocklebank has shared some easy ways to meditate at home with the kids ahead of world meditation day.

Meditation expert shares easy ways to meditate at home with the kids

The director recently featured in a series of talks about Transcendental Meditation

David Lynch talks painting, filmmaking, and meditation from quarantine

To effectively calm your anxiety, it’s important to commit to making lifestyle changes, and develop a system to hold yourself accountable — such as leaning on friends or family for support and encouragement.

How to calm anxiety in 6 natural ways, on your own

Fortunately, there are many ways by which we can effectively manage stress. However, meditation has proved to be the most popular and most useful method to combat stress.

Manage Stress With Meditation

This Thursday marks World Meditation Day, and some research shows that it takes only 10 minutes a day of meditation to see the significant positive benefits in your life.

World Meditation Day is this Thursday – why you should get involved

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