The Daily Calm – May 19th, 2020

Meditation can help fight unhealthy thought processes and reframe our world – and science agrees

How much does meditation help anxiety?

During recent segments on the Today Show and MSNBC, psychiatrist Sue Varma presented a 15-minute mental health habit designed to motivate and energize caregivers with the practice of mindfulness, meaningful engagement, mastering and movement.

Feeling stressed? Practicing this formula can bring peace of mind

Almost unknown in Asia, sophrology employs a simple sequence of exercises to connect with your body and mind to achieve relaxation and well-being

Meditation used to treat depression and PTSD, with breathing exercises based on yoga and Buddhism, can help you switch off and relax. It’s called sophrology

Nowadays, more health workers are encouraging people to incorporate wellness practices such as prayer, meditation and yoga among others, into their daily routines.

Mend your mind, heart, and body with meditation

Here’s the question. Are all religions one? Are all those paths winding up the same mountain?


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