The Daily Calm – May 23rd, 2020

But frequently practicing guided meditation is proving to be a helpful resource in combating increasing levels of stress.

How guided meditation can help ease anxiety during the pandemic

In the west, mindfulness and meditation are used interchangeably. But they are two really different things

Mindfulness vs meditation – What’s the difference?

Thankfully, isolation has seemingly birthed a new trend, mindful drinking (I guess we needed something to reign us in after the first few weeks of iso).

Just in Time For the Weekend — Expert Tips For Mindful Drinking

Now more than ever, you must take time to unplug, relax and refresh your senses — which just so happens to be the point of Disney+’s new series, Zenimation.

‘Zenimation’ First Look – Take a Moment of Mindfulness, Disney-Style

Embrace the magic of mindfulness with these four easy exercises, taking advantage of daily activities to blend seamlessly into your day

Four simple mindfulness activities

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