The Daily Calm – May 25th, 2020

Also known as zafus or bolsters, the best meditation cushions are supportive, made from quality materials, and the right size for your body.

The 5 Best Meditation Cushions

Mindful meditation may have its roots in Buddhism, but its effects are not a matter of faith. Scientific studies using MRI scans have shown that practitioners’ brains recalibrate to deal better with stress, for instance, and anxiety.

How to use mindfulness to de-stress, according to its modern founder

Mornings are difficult for many of us. We can barely find time for breakfast, let alone the time to meditate before heading out the door.

How to Make Your Morning Routine More Mindful

In recent decades, mindfulness, defined as purposeful, nonjudgmental present moment awareness (essentially, not being distracted) has become a buzzword in neuroscience, psychology, and related mental health fields.

5 Ways Mindfulness Practice Positively Changes Your Brain

Mindfulness and meditation are hot topics these days and being housebound is a good excuse to give inner travel a try. Best of all, you don’t need to go off on an in-person retreat to discover how to meditate or to tap into some much-needed tranquility.

Lockdown Living – You Can Travel Inwards With These Top 10 Online Meditation Experiences

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