The Daily Calm – May 26th, 2020

The pandemic has forced us to literally stop and examine our lives. Many have stepped up their exercise routines, posting videos on social media on how they keep fit while practicing social distancing.

Mindful eating, moderate exercise and ample sleep: How to stay healthy during pandemic

Living amidst an ongoing pandemic forces us to make hard choices, often with uncertain outcomes; recently I faced a hard medical choice myself.

Zen priest used mindfulness instead of anesthesia during surgery

Self-care looks a little different these days. In such weird and (sorry to use the word of the hour) unprecedented times, practices that used to be nice to do every once in a while have become essential to do every day.

How To Use Movement To Break Through Repetitive Thoughts, According To Taryn Toomey

Back in 2014, my mind heeded none of the signs as my body rebelled against me. For more than a month, a slight fever clung to me, my heart hammered at any physical exertion, and my knees threatened to buckle when climbing stairs.

How Sudden Illness Taught Me Mindfulness

Meditation is a technique that uses the body and mind as a tool of contemplation, relaxation and mindfulness.

The benefits of meditation and why you should meditate regularly

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