The Daily Calm – May 28th, 2020

Many kids associate the words “practice” with batting cages, spelling words, or multiplication tables. But your child can also benefit from another kind of practice: Mindfulness for kids.

Why You Should Be Practicing Mindfulness With Your Kids—And 15 Easy Mindfulness Activities to Get Started With

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try meditating daily to see how my life changed, or didn’t change. I was curious to discover how my constantly churning, overthinking and stressed-out brain would react to some stillness.

How meditation calmed my mind and changed my mind

Winefulness is something that’s been around for a few years now in the industry, a clever fusion of wine and mindfulness, but timing is everything.

Winefulness — when taste and mental health are top of mind

This one calculation, “What will I get out of my meditation?” must be dropped. You don’t have to get anything. You don’t have to benefit from this. Just waste a few minutes every day

Meditation – A waste of time?

You may have heard that meditation is something you should try. Friends swear by it, celebrities love it, and the internet can’t stop talking about it. But why, exactly?

3 Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

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