The Daily Calm – May 8th, 2020

When everything seems uncertain, people get stressed. That’s one thing we all have in common. But there is always one thing you can control: your reaction to the situation.

Mindful Living for Marketers

In addition to the stress of the global pandemic, working remotely could make people work inefficiently. According to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York, practicing mindfulness may decrease levels of procrastination.

Mindfulness can help you stop procrastinating while working from home

When I became ill, one of the most frequent questions I was asked was, “Have you tried to meditate?” The answer was yes — but if I was being honest, meditation really sucked sometimes.

3 Reasons Meditation Can Suck (and Ways to Work Around It)

The technique connects you to your Higher Self to help you learn the answers to any questions you have

How Higher Self Meditation Has Changed My Life

When you allow peace to enter your heart, that feeling of loneliness slowly disappears, but how does that actually happen?

How to Allow Peace to Enter Your Heart

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