The Daily Muse – April 15th, 2020

With so many podcasts, apps and countless pieces of advice to be found all over the internet, it’s about time someone collated a short and sweet list to make your mindfulness journey easier.

Best mindfulness podcasts 2020: chill out with these de-stressing words

Meditative Story is a response to a deep cultural need in our hyper sped up world to have time to recharge–an innovative listening experience to reset during or after a busy, stressful day so that stress doesn’t become cumulative.

Meditative Story: A New Type of Mindfulness Meditation

Many face the challenge in meditation of getting their mind to calm and be still and quiet. Here is a technique that many of my students have found helpful…

Meditation – Quieting The Monkey Mind

Twin Peaks director David Lynch thinks the world will be a “kinder place” after the coronavirus pandemic as his transcendental meditation foundation offers free help to exhausted medical workers.

David Lynch offering transcendental meditation to healthcare workers fighting coronavirus

During these uncertain times, how do you stay focused on what really matters to you? Noticing what you’re doing right now is one way to be more mindful.

How to Focus on What Really Matters

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